As you work on treating your thinning hair, take the time to upgrade your style and overall appearance.

Not only will this boost your self confidence, by the time you’ve restored your hair loss, you’ll have undergone a subtle but impressive makeover. And let’s me honest, the guys who might need a new look the most are all those hard-working dads out there.

We get it. Raising kids is exhausting and time-consuming. By the time you dress and feed a couple of kids in the morning, there’s not a lot of time or energy leftover to worry about how you look.

Still, there’s no reason you can’t make a few easy changes to step up your style game. Take a look at these common tell-tale signs of Dad Style. Then follow our simple solutions for each pitfall, and you’ll be the coolest dad on the block in no time.

Three Criteria for Diagnosing Dad Style

  1. You wear running shoes with…everything.

Comfortable shoes are awesome. No doubt about it, if you spend your days chasing down kids, dogs, runaway soccer balls, and whatever else life throws your way, you need reliable shoes. But running shoes are for running. Full stop. And nothing says soccer dad like athletic shoes with jeans.

Instead, ditch the running shoes and opt for some non-running sneakers. They’re just as sturdy and comfortable, and they look great.

  1. Your clothes don’t fit properly.

Oversized, loose-fitting shirts are popular among fathers, but they aren’t the most flattering attire. The cut tends to make you look heavier and wider than you are. It doesn’t help that those same shirts often have loud, colorful patterns, which can exacerbate the problem.

Try a button-down that’s comfortably fitted across your shoulders and chest. Remember, as a rule of thumb, if your shirt is untucked it should have a straight hem. Curved hems are meant to be tucked in.

  1. You’re wearing more than one pattern.

Patterned clothing is one of those things in life where less is more. That’s not to say you shouldn’t wear patterns at all – just pick one at a time and roll with it. That means nix the plaid shirt with polka dot shorts. (Sorry, guys.)

Once you’ve picked your pattern, complement it with similar colors. This will give you a nice, pulled-together look. Grays and blues make for an especially versatile palette.

There you have it. With a few quick fixes, you too can cure dad style.

This Dad gets it!

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